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  • Easy installation
  • Steel construction
  • Nylon threaded rubber tire
  • Hardware Included
  • American Made; Made In-House
  • UNIVERSAL for most UTVs
  • CAD drawn & CNC laser cut
  • Powder coated


Size of Load Wheel: Total outside diameter with rubber is 17.25"


WILL FIT LUG PATTERNS: 4x156mm, 5x4.5", 4x137mm, 4x110mm, 6x5.5"


Do you have issues with space inside your trailer or toy hauler while loading your UTV? Do you have to fight to get it placed in the perfect spot everytime, just to close the slides or the back door? Do you use ratchet straps or flaten your tires just to get your UTV to fit before a big trip? Well, we have you covered when you install our HD UTV trailer loading wheel that'll save you on time and space! With our multi-lug pattern design, this wheel will fit most any UTV with ease. This 16" steel wheel wrapped in a 7/16" nylon threaded rubber tire will allow you to load your UTV into the trailer leaving you space in every direction! Use one wheel to make room for a trailer slide or install multiple to gain the room you need to make loading before a trip quick and easy!





**These wheels are intended for loading purposes only, we recommend MAX 5MPH. When purchasing the UTV load wheel for the rear of your UTV, you must install them on both rear tires as most UTVs have a locked differential and can cause damage to the wheel/ UTV when loading.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, if your trailer floor is weakened or damaged, we do not recommend using our load wheel**

HD Universal UTV Trailer Loading Wheel

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • X1 HD UTV Loading Wheel

    X1 Set of Spacers for different makes/models

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