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***This product isTEMPORARILY out of stock as we are updating our shop facility and have a high volume of orders to fulfill. If you would like to be on a 'Waiting List' for this product, please send an email to and we will reach out to you once orders are open again. THANK YOU to all of our customers and supporters!***


Whether you work on your UTV at home in your garage or you own a full scale UTV Shop, you know the struggle of moving a UTV around, ESPECIALLY when it's undergoing repairs or modifications! Our brand new HD Universal UTV Lift & Roll Cart let's you use your existing floor jack to effortlessly lift, move and store your UTV with ease. The fully adjustable wheels, risers and lock pins allow it to fit under UTVs with only 12" of ground clearance but still has a max lift height of 30" from the ground. Our cart was designed to work with most standard floor jacks, however custom lift pads can be made specifically for your floor jack if needed. The HD Universal UTV Lift & Roll Cart  is so versatile you can get very creative with its uses, cleaning, upgrading, maintaining or just moving your UTV around can now be simple, easy and safe.


**NOTE: The carts you see in the photos are for testing purposes only and are our personal prototypes, the shipped product may not look (color, shape, ect.) exactly like the prototypes above. 





- Fully Adjustable Body & Leg Design

- Easy Assembly

- Lightweight Aluminum Construction 

- ALL Hardware Included

- American Made; Made In-House

- UNIVERSAL for most UTV's

- Heavy Duty Steel Locking Pins

- Versatile

- Easy to Roll

- Raw or Powder Coated Options

- Rust Resistant

- Customizable Lift Points

- Tie down points for added Stability

-  Lifts From 12"- 30"

- Works With Most Standard Floor Jacks

- Locking 360 Degree Steel Body Casters

- 39.5 Pounds Per Cart

- Wide stance provides stability under load

- Unique structural leg design on the lift points combines intergral bracing and welded corner support for greater stability 




Height of Cart:

Maximum Lifting Range (Inches): 30"

Minimum Lifting Range (Inches): 12"

Load Capacity: Weight (3,000 lbs.)


Color/Finish: Raw Aluminum or Powder Coated


Material: Aluminum/ Steel


Operation Type: Manual


Product Dimensions:


Fully Extended L: 27.5" x W: 24" x H: 30"


Fully Closed L: 27.5" x W: 24" x H: 12"






**We are not responsible for improper placement of the lift/support points on your UTV with our HD Universal UTV Lift & Roll Cart. Please use with caution! Failure to secure the vehicle could result in harm. This cart is not meant to replace a vehicle lift and we do not recommend working on your vehicle from underneath while using our cart. It does not replace a typical vehicle/UTV lift or jack stands. You must use at your own risk! Instructions for assembly and use will be included and will also be available on this website. Please read those instructions thoroughly and follow as instructed for proper use and safety. We are not responsible for incorrect assembly or use of our product. PLEASE SEE Terms and Conditions, Return Policy and our Cancelation Policy for further information. There is a risk when operating your vehicle or installing parts with/without professional experience. The customer/consumer understands these terms and upon purchasing and assumes the liability of doing so at their own risk!**


HD Universal UTV Lift & Roll Cart

PriceFrom $1,199.99
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the Customer Service Page under FAQS. 

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